At Top Marking Solution Sdn Bhd, we offer you a range of services that guarantees quality, consistency and reliability in your production line.
Cost Saving

We help our customer to reduce their cost on spare parts, inks and make up ink or all type of printing additive by 20% or even more when they convert to our superior quality products and service.
Comprehensive Technical Support

We provide ourselves on being able to provide our customer with a total solution for repairing job for coding equipment on site by 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.
Major Breakdown

In the event of a machine breakdown, we will provide a temporary replacement machine to ensure your production continues running smoothly.
Annual Service / Maintenance Contract

We provide a thorough after sales service on site maintenance and servicing of all types of coding equipment. Our prevention maintenance program will reduce costly interruptions in production, assure peak performance of your equipment, increase machine longevity and ultimately protect your investment.

Our service and support team consists of highly trained service engineers and we offer:

• On site services
• Filter parts change
• Replacements of worn-out parts
• Flushing of depleted ink system
User Training

We offer our personal full training in operations and maintenance of all types of coding equipment. Training is carried out either on site or at our office. Courses are done in a hands-on approach and all engineers are awarded a certificate on successfully completing the course. In addition, we are able to tailor-suit the customers individual requirements.
Scheduled Ink / Make-Up Delivery

Customers can be assured of regular deliveries for daily production.
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