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Why Choose TMSS Ink?

Each and everyone of us wants better value for inks. The printer manufacturer ink are good but expensive, which ultimately results in the usage of inkjet printer are too costly to run on regular basis. At the other end many alternative ink products now available produced to the lowest possible price an this means low print quality, poor reliability and no warranty.

TMSS is prime manufacturer of inkjet ink and have forefront of the inkjet ink market for many years producing innovative and reliable products. If you are looking for better value of inks and you want to have confidence in your choice, then choose TMSS ink. By using TMSS ink you can save by 50% approximately on your printing cost in compare OEM.

The Salient Features of Our Inks:

• Less cleaning time.
• Less down time.
• Minimum clogging.
• Minimum blockage.
• Less ink consumption.
• Extended printhead life.
• Reduce printhead maintenance.
• Decrease cost.
• Increase productivity.
• Superior flow.
• Free education on maintenance.
• Excellent startup and run ability.
• High stability.
• 2 years of warranty. (on printhead)

• Our solvent and ink has been manufactured for most of the leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet printer such as Hitachi and etc.
• We provide various types of solvent base ink which ensure less clogging, less time cleaning printhead and less wastage of inks.
• The success of our solvent base inks lies in the ultrafine dispersion technology.
• Every batch is stringently tested to ensure good quality.
• It allows our customer to cut ink consumption by 10%-20%.
 Cost Effective

For printer that use ink, nozzle is everything. Achieving quality printing from printer requires excellence in ink manufacturing to match the equipment to exact standard. Inkjet printing is a spray printing technology, inkjet printing consist of printhead which contains nozzle whose size are in micron (nano), so it is the nozzle that spray during printing in form of dots finally for an image or words.

Is true that while printing from any brands of printer and consuming any type of inks you must estimate your paid cost per 1 ml. this should always take in consideration.

• Unique solvent and resin are used to maintain the product quality in all products and consistency.
• Our proprietary multi stage filtering technology guarantees particle dispersion of less than 1 micron.
• Batch to batch quality consistency is maintained by testing material at each & every stage of production.
• Superior flow characteristics.

• Required less purging & clean up time thus significantly reducing start up time &reducing scrap & increasing printing millage.
• Cost saving can be realized through less frequent need to change filter.
• Less need to clean printhead resulting in less downtime and reduced clogging extends the life of the printhead though eliminating pressure whithin the printhead.
• ink consumption reduced by 20% whilst still remaining the printing quality.
• Reduced maintenance and extends printhead life with increase in productivity and decrease in cost.
• Reducing scrap & down time thus increasing customer satisfaction and thereby increasing profits.
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